Flower white and yellow diamond earrings

Pear-shaped white and yellow diamonds, surrounded by fine brilliant diamonds embellish these alluring flower earrings.

Le Talisman

In the oriental « Talisman » ballet, the Goddess Amravati gives her daughter Niriti a star from her crown. Drawing its inspiration from this tale of ancient India, the Talisman necklace is a resplendent galaxy of diamonds highlighted by an extremely rare emerald.

Fancy intense yellow diamond set

Highlighted by twenty-one radiant-cut fancy intense yellow diamonds, this breathtaking set is adorned with over three thousand dazzling diamonds of differents cuts and shapes.

Mughal style motifs diamonds inlaid into white mother of pearl bangle

Inspired by design patterns from Mughal Empire, this bangle is adorned with delicate lines of diamonds inlaid into mother of pearl.

Diamond motifs inlaid into jet bangle

Graceful flowery patterns of diamonds inlaid into a black jet bangle.

Diamond inlaid into smokey quartz earrings

Elegant earrings set with two oval shaped diamonds inlaid into smokey quartz resulting in a subtle yet alluring intensity.

Diamond inlaid into white mother of pearl earrings

Supremely delicate earrings set with two marquise-cut diamonds inlaid into white mother of pearl.

Fancy light yellow diamond inlaid into mother of pearl

A dazzling ring highlighted by an exquisite light yellow diamond, warmly radiating in its inlay mother of pearl setting and surrounded by brilliant diamonds.

Diamond Paraiba Turquoise inlay ring

Strikingly exquisite ring with an oval-shaped diamond, masterfully inlaid into Paraiba and surrounded by an 18 carat Turquoise.

Diamond ring inlaid into black jet

Audacious black jet ring, set with a marquise-shaped diamond, surrounded by four pear-shaped rose-cut diamonds and graceful lines of small brilliant diamonds.

Diamond inlay into prasiolite and jade necklace and earrings

Stately necklace and earrings set with pear-shaped diamonds inlaid into pear-shaped prasiolite, surrounded by light green jade frames. An innovative technique offering a dazzling elegance.

Fancy vivid yellow and white diamond kissing earrings

Yellow diamonds contrast strikingly with white diamonds in an imaginatively designed set of earrings.

Padparadscha sapphire necklace

A truly feminine necklace adorned with an emerald-cut diamond embracing a pink tourmaline stone.

Fancy intense pink diamond kissing ring

Splendid fancy intense pink diamond ring with unusually intense contrasts.

Fancy vivid yellow diamond kissing ring

Stunning ring of enchanting and vibrant colours graced with an emerald-cut vivid yellow diamond set on an oval-cut white diamond.


Audaciously designed ring set with a round-shaped old European cut diamond on a round-shaped briolette morganite, adorned with charming lines of diamonds, radiating astonishing reflections of light.

Emerald and diamond kissing ring

A Brazilian emerald gently kisses rose-cut diamond on a ring further enhanced by small brilliant emeralds and diamonds.

Ruby and diamond kissing ring

In an audacious contrast of colours, a striking Mozambican ruby crowns a pear-shaped diamond ring.

Les Merveilles Creoles Diamond Earrings

‘Les Merveilles Creoles’
Diamond Earrings

Les Merveilles Drops Sapphire Earrings

‘Les Merveilles Drops’
Blue Sapphire Earrings

Les Merveilles Drops Amethyst Earrings

‘Les Merveilles Drops’
Amethyst Earrings

Les Merveilles Drops Round Diamond Earrings

‘Les Merveilles Drops’
Diamond Earrings

Les Merveilles Ruby Ring

Ruby and Diamond Ring

Les Merveilles Drops Full Diamond Earrings

‘Les Merveilles Drops’
Diamond Earrings

Les Merveilles Reverso Necklace Rubies and Diamonds

‘Les Merveilles Reverso’
Rubies and Diamonds Necklace

Les Merveilles Paraiba Ring

Paraiba and Diamond Ring

Les Merveilles Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring

Les Merveilles Drops Butterfly Diamond Earrings

‘Les Merveilles Drops’
Diamond Earrings

Les Merveilles Reverso Yellow Diamonds

‘Les Merveilles Reverso’
Yellow and White Diamonds Set

Les Merveilles Mesh Rubies and Diamonds

‘Les Merveilles Mesh’
Pink Sapphires, Rubies and Diamonds Set

Les Merveilles Diamond Engagement Band

Diamond Engagement Band

Les Merveilles Reverso Sapphirs Diamonds

‘Les Merveilles Reverso’
Sapphires and White Diamonds Set

Les Merveilles Pink Diamond and Diamond Ring

Pink Diamond and Diamond Ring

Les Merveilles Padparadscha and Diamond Ring

Padparadscha and Diamond Ring