Breaking the codes of jewellery design

The Boghossian name is rich with more than a hundred years of deep-rooted knowledge in precious stones and fine jewellery.

The identity of the family has been enriched with a unique journey from the Middle-East to Europe. First settling in Syria, then Lebanon, their path eventually led the family to Antwerp and Geneva in the 1970s. There, Jean and Albert, brothers of the 5th generation, began creating exceptional jewellery for other prestigious jewellers. Soon Royalty and collectors commissionned pieces directly, further enhancing the reputation of the name Boghossian.

Whereas the first generation involved in the gemstone business was very much in tune with the world of jewellery at the time, today’s 5th and 6th generations have positioned themselves at its edge, surpassing the classic principles of jewellery design.

     « In families with a jewellery tradition, new generations tend to keep the status-quo. Very rarely do they decide to break the codes and that is what my generation and the next stand for. We are thrilled to challenge ourselves, we like seeing things differently by combining modern audacity with boldness. »
- Albert Boghossian.

There are obvious reasons why the Boghossians react differently than their peers. It is a story of people always on the move, always questioning their identity. It is a part of their essence, as if they would never feel comfortable settling down in a fixed environment. Today, the family’s values truly reflect this. They hold audacity and avant-gardism in high esteem. They want their creations to astonish and evoke reaction. They are more than « just another jeweller ». They bring revolutionary ideas to the jewellery world.

This daring philosophy lead the Boghossians to create their own brand in 2007, when Albert’s nephews Roberto and Ralph joined the family company. This 6th generation brought the breath of fresh air and energy needed to further increase creativity and set the bar even higher. A prime illustration of these ambitions is the decision to introduce the Art of Inlay, a sophisticated and intricate technique, that is now Boghossian’s signature.

Truly, the Art of Inlay defines Boghossian’s artistic environment, referred to as the Orient Contemporain, blending Eastern and Western cultures, the classic and the modern and calling upon an ancient technique, dating as far back as the Egyptian Empire, to create contemporary masterpieces. Bringing Eastern and Western influences together is important to the family’s creativity, with inspirations such as the Taj Mahal or the minaudières and other delicate Art-Deco jewellery pieces. Boghossian plays with contrasts and marries opposites with perfect harmony.

Boghossian is exceptional in being a sixth generation jewellery family, preserving its tradition by constantly reinventing its codes.