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‘Les Merveilles Drops’
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Les Merveilles Earrings


The iconic piece of this collection, ‘Les Merveilles Creoles’, marks the starting point and inspiration for Boghossian’s never-ending quest for innovation. It has been said that ‘genius is in simplicity’: here the House features the hoop. However, ‘Les Merveilles’ setting allows the piece to render the iconic shape even more memorable through this unique artisanal technique. With diamonds set on all four sides of the earring, light refracts in every direction showcasing the gems at their very best. ‘The Creoles’ are available in two sizes.

‘Les Merveilles Drops’, as with all other ‘Les Merveilles’ creations, are set with gems on all four sides. Available in a number of colourways, from classic white diamonds to deep blue sapphires and soft amethysts, the elongated modern shape of the drop creates a contemporary understated elegance.