Produit Kissing Diamonds 1 ERGD 20016

Yellow diamonds contrast strikingly with white diamonds in an imaginatively designed set of earrings.

Kissing Diamonds

Kissing Diamonds is a dazzling example of Boghossian’s innovative spirit and audacious creativity.

Kissing Diamonds

Breaking the codes of jewellery design.

Boghossian has gone beyond traditional boundaries with its ‘Kissing Diamonds’ technique, a natural evolution of the House’s signature ‘Art of Inlay’.

This original Boghossian technique demands the perfect marrying of two contrasting stones, giving the pure illusion of one floating over another. The gems appear as one as they subtly touch, magically revealing each other’s hues and beauty. Typical of so many Boghossian pieces, the colours, shapes and proportions blend harmoniously in a relentless quest for astonishing contrasts and refinement.
An impression of airiness is further enhanced by the minimum use of metal to unite the stones. It is a truly daring act, with Boghossian using a precious stone instead of gold as the basis of a ring.

Boghossian’s unique ‘Kissing Diamonds’ is a dazzling example of the House’s innovative spirit and audacious creativity, breaking the codes of jewellery design to seek new horizons in creativity.