Produit Masterpieces 2 SETE 20032

In the oriental « Talisman » ballet, the Goddess Amravati gives her daughter Niriti a star from her crown. Drawing its inspiration from this tale of ancient India, the Talisman necklace is a resplendent galaxy of diamonds highlighted by an extremely rare emerald.

Exceptional Jewellery

The Masterpieces are the most extraordinary creations by Boghossian, surrounding women with a mesmerizing aura, transcending their very essence.

Exceptional Jewellery

One-of-a-kind Boghossian creations.

Boghossian’s essence as a jeweller is personified by one-of-a-kind masterpieces, born out of a technical prowess, where breaking codes is key to the House’s philosophy. Earrings, for instance, often display thrilling contrasts in colours, so much a part of the Jeweller’s culture. Some creations are embellished with extremely rare stones, such as the Talisman necklace emerald. Others are adorned with thousands of diamonds, an unconceivable sea of gems. Discover some of these unique pieces, illustrating how the House is inspired by exceptional jewels.